The main idea in the BOOLEAN collection is utilizing the transformer as a base for the entire fixture. To achieve this, the transformer is placed in a circular disc, from which different profiles or cylinders emerge, depending on the function of the fixture itself.

This series includes four fixtures with LED lighting:

BOOLEAN 159 – This body includes a circular disc that serves as the main axis, from which extends an arm light of 1.70 meters. The fixture can be hung vertically or diagonally, depending on the need and space in which it is located.

 BOOLEAN 1 METER – In this fixture, the disc is in the center, with two arm lights, each half a meter long. These arms can be adjusted so the fixture can be hung at any angle.

BOOLEAN SPOT – A ‘duet’ of two identical fixtures, which serve as “mirrors” of one another – in one, the disc is at the bottom, and in the other, at the top.

BOOLEAN WALL – A wall-mounted fixture comprised of a central cylinder with a transformer, from which two short cylindrical arms emerge, including spot-light lighting. This body comes in 3 different variations: V shape, 2 180 arms and one arm.