itai bar-on

Itai Bar-On was born to a family with generations’ long business in construction.
A graduate of the Industrial Design Department of the Shenkar College of Engineering Design and Art. Bar-On has already presented his personal interpretation to the construction world in his graduation project, when he explored the limits of working with concrete and placing the common material in a new context while stretching the acceptable boundaries of the matter.

In his creative conceptual work, Bar-On was successful in his attempt to tame and refine the rough and impersonal material we all know from its functional mundane use, and bring it around to create a new, luxurious material which accepts so many shapes, forms and textures.
The result – objects with a feel of lightness and movement, which contrast and defy the preconceptions of heavy weight material.

After graduating from school, Bar-On Started developing high-end designed products and his three dimensional wall covering collection has awarded him with the prestigious 2010 Designers’ Award. This collection has been enriched since then and now demonstrates many new versions in an amazing array of textures, shapes and colors.